Hey beautiful unicorns


So...I've been away for....A LOOOOOOOOOONG TIME...

Hey beautiful unicorns!

So…I’ve been away for…A LOOOOOOOOOONG TIME…

Sorry about that and thank you for giving me some time to sort myself out. A LOT has been going on…

But I wanted to let you know that I’m BACK BABY!

First things first…what is happening at the moment in the Ukraine is heartbreaking, devastating and all around unimaginable to me. Why people hurt people is something I’ll never understand. I’m sending all my love to those in the Ukraine and to all the citizens of Russia who do not want this war, and are being arrested for protesting it.

I’ll be posting a silly little blooper/re-edit of my first ever video to show the full CRINGE of THAT video 😅

Feel free to ignore that…It’s because I’m anxious so posting something short and silly is my way to overcome that. After that I will be back with some long-form deep-dives that I’m MEGA excited about! The first has something to do with Mean Girls…but is not movie commentary 😂

In the meantime heres some pics of me and my baby Loli

I cannot wait to hang out with you again, and I really hope you enjoy the content I have coming up - It’s the best content I’ve made so far and I’m really proud of the videos and excited for the future of this channel!

If there is a topic or anything you wanna see a video on, please share in the comments below!!!

Lots of love always, and keep unicorning,

Kez 🌈💖🦄